Growth Sprints and Consulting for DTC brands.

Even great ideas need to move quickly.

We run Growth Sprints - a structured step-by-step process for solving growth problems together in one week.

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What are Growth Sprints?

A Growth Sprint is a focused week of close collaboration with your team to generate and prioritize high impact experiments, and begin execution on the highest priority tests.

Using this structured decision making process, Petri gets the hard part of growth experimentation out of the way by building alignment within your team, generating high impact experiment ideas, spec’ing those experiments, and kicking off implementation of the highest priority tests.

How it works

  1. Workshop

    Days 1 & 2, Petri goes deep with your team, working through a series of exercises to generate the highest impact experiments based on the unique circumstances of your business.

  2. Execute

    Petri Growth begins implementation on the highest priority experiments in the week with assistance from your team. Depending on the needs of your business, the experiments can cover acquisition, activation, or retention.

  3. Learn

    In 4 - 6 weeks, we circle back and unpack the experiment results to identify key learnings and provide recommendations on next steps.

We’ve run sprints for Buffer, Expedia, Capital One, Dr. Reddy’s and more.